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BurgBurgundian (linguistics)
BurgBarne- og Ungdomsrevmatikergruppe (Norwegian Rheumatism Children and Youth Association)
BurgBicycle User Research Group (UK)
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With bravery and candor, Burg lays bare the seismic intellectual shifts that drove the country's political and religious journeys, offering a prophecy of fury and consolation and a vision for a new comprehensive paradigm for Judaism, Israel, and the Middle East.
Burg's newest book, In Days to Come: A New Hope for Israel, a translation and slight emendation of a Hebrew version that appeared a few years ago, is an autobiography that (only marginally coherently) interweaves Burg's personal odyssey with his shift in politics and his vision for Israel.
The BURG 12 Smartwatch ($199) is available at Walmart.
Burg said that Zionism has become a delusion and that religious Zionism is very conservative and concerned with metaphysical issues, which are not part of this world, AD DUSTOUR reported.
Burg in his remarkable new book, "The Holocaust Is Over: We Must Arise from Its Ashes", argues that Israelis and Jewish people in general have made a fetish of the Holocaust, with lamentable consequences.
BUrg (right, with the Wimbledon mens' singles trophy) was the David Beckham of his era - all talent, good looks and no personality - but had none of the financial acumen to go with his genius.
Mellow-voiced bassist Burg echoes Kinsella's sentiments when it comes the tenor of their troupe, which seems to help the band stay focused during the writing process.
John Burg assumes responsibilities as CEO of the larger ACI (www.automatedconicpets.com); prior to the announcement he had served as president of MMS in Illinois.
Burg says: "There are almost no voices being heard from the Israeli centre that are saying let's try to talk peace anyway.
Some right-wing Israeli lawmakers say that if Burg makes his planned address, he should be voted out of office.
SECAUCUS, N.J.-As the new president of International China, Gene Burg has several plans to improve the company's product mix.
Scientists do have a few clues about what makes a protein thermophilic, says Bertus Van den Burg of the University of Groningen in the Netherlands.