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BurgBurgundian (linguistics)
BurgBarne- og Ungdomsrevmatikergruppe (Norwegian Rheumatism Children and Youth Association)
BurgBicycle User Research Group (UK)
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Burg supports a boycott of all products from the settlements, says the law of return is similar to Nazi rule, and says that Israel dismantle the memorial of the Holocaust, Yad Vashem.
The BURG 12 features touch-screen menus that offer a complete suite of smartphone features: full phone functionality to make and receive calls with the watch's speakerphone using the included SIM card or paired with your iPhone or Android smartphone; two-way Bluetooth-based communication; SMS and MMS capabilities; camera to take and view photos; calendar, calculator, and contact list; FM radio, MP3 music, MP4 video player, and voice recorder; controls and plays the smartphone's music through the speaker; three-day standby battery life, two-to-three hour talk time, three-to-four hour media player; connects to iOS or Android smartphones via Bluetooth 3.
Burg tells a story about a meeting he had with the then South African President, Beka, in which Mr.
Burg makes it clear that he is not equating Israel's past behavior with what happened in Nazi Germany, but he does see disturbing similarities between Israel and "the Germany that preceded Hitler.
Burg believes that just as Germans demonized Jews as the enemy who must be defeated at all costs, so Israel has transformed Arabs into personifications of absolute evil, an enduring threat to the very existence of the Jewish people.
BUrg is so skint, in fact, that he is selling his Wimbledon trophies, his rackets and all his tennis memorabilia to ensure that he can be financially secure in the future.
He's been working on it and kept diaries along the way,'' Burg said.
Burg is already known as an expert on the Yugoslav crisis, but in this book he takes pains to make comparative references to analagous situations in the Baltic region, Czechoslovakia, and the Caucases (especially Armenia and Azerbaijan) - all situations where communist rule collapsed and ethnic politics came to the fore.
Although he declined to name the designers he has in mind, Burg said he plans to collaborate with several to capitalize on a number of different styles.
Using elementary ideas of this sort, Van den Burg and his colleagues recently modified an enzyme from the soil bacterium Bacillus stearothermophilus to make it hyperthermophilic.
With Burg at the helm, Apothecon (the multisource division of Bristol-Myers Squibb Co.