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The 170-page report concludes that "a burning plasma experiment is critically needed to advance fusion science," that "undertaking a burning plasma experiment cannot be done on a flat budget," and that "if negotiations proceed successfully, the fusion science program will move ahead with the ITER endeavor." The Committee recommended that "the United States should participate in ITER," and that "if the ITER negotiations fail, the United States should continue, as soon as possible, to pursue the goal of conducting a burning plasma experiment with international partners." The Committee stated "A strategically balanced U.
On the positive side, Looney said that the decision to join ITER negotiations was in part based on a recognition that "a burning plasma experiment is the crucial element missing from the world fusion energy science program." "ITER provides U.S.
Yet funding for FIRE, a domestic burning plasma experiment that could provide an alternative to ITER, has been eliminated.
An interim report addressed the importance of the science and the readiness to undertake a burning plasma experiment. It provided interim advice to the Department of Energy regarding reentering negotiations to be a participant in a multinational burning plasma experiment (ITER).
New people are required if the nation is to expand its efforts and make the program endure." The panel also notes "a (fusion) technology program without a strong science base, or a science program without a strong technology base, will leave the United States in a position where it cannot build effectively on the developments coming from more advanced programs abroad." "In addition to supporting a burning plasma experiment, the U.S.
Marburger said, "I believe the fusion community has made a compelling case that a burning plasma experiment is the essential next scientific step for fusion research.
They said, "If ITER does not move forward (by July 2004), then FIRE should be advanced as a U.S.-based burning plasma experiment with strong encouragement of international participation." The panel also said, "If Ignitor is construct ed in Italy, then the U.S.
The IOS Topical Group (TG) is one of seven topical groups in the ITPA whose main role is to integrate plasma operation scenarios for burning plasma experiments, particularly for ITER, including inductive, hybrid, and steady-state scenarios.
Demonstrate enhanced fundamental understanding of magnetic confinement and improved basis for future burning plasma experiments through research on magnetic confinement configuration optimization.
The additional $10,800,000 includes $4,000,000 for burning plasma experiments, including support for ITER and for the domestic FIRE project, $5,200,000 for fusion technology, and $1,600,000 for advanced design and analysis work.