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Although Miles's earlier biography of Burroughs was a portrait of an icon, Call Me Burroughs could be seen as debunking the legend that has been so much a part of Burroughs's career.
Burroughs struck out in his late teens to become a teacher, landing one-room schoolhouse jobs here and there in his surrounding Catskill Mountains.
Call Me Burroughs presents a deeply flawed man who was icily indifferent to his family and a bona fide dangerous companion.
But one led to the other, and now Burroughs is scheduled to be the focus of a story on the ABC television news magazine "20/20" airing Friday.
Shocked victims Chris Mole and Sammy Bertram woke up to find Burroughs inches from their faces with a knife in his hand.
Eliza Pierre scored a team-high 12 points, including 11 in the second half, and Chrishawn Friersen added ninepoints as Muir overcame a slow start for a 48-33 victory at Burroughs High.
Another problem in Birmingham is that families "move constantly, so we have a lot of kids moving from school to school," Burroughs adds, and other students move out of the district altogether.
10 at the time Burroughs projected a $49 price target in July 2005.
Burroughs and the others named in the suit have declined to comment.
Edgar Rice Burroughs was one of the best storytellers of the Twentieth Century.
While Kerouac's own explorations in that arena were somewhat secretive and understated, Allen Ginsberg and William Burroughs aligned themselves unambiguously with gay sexuality.