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The model will be available in various versions including Cargo vans, passenger vans, flat beds and a school bus configuration.
From that point, a switchyard connects the Wethersfield wind park via a ring bus configuration into the NYSEG 230KV grid.
It said the new 4Gb/s graphics memory uses JEDEC-approved signal noise reduction standards, has a 32-bit data bus configuration and is offered in 512MB density.
Each workstation in a bus configuration is independent, so failure of a single microcomputer does not disrupt the remainder of the network.
Profusion essentially allows two four-way Intel Pentium III Xeon motherboards to sit side-by-side in a dual system bus configuration and link to each other through Level 2 caches.
The ES-SDMS data bus configuration includes two separate and independent, serial, four-channel fiber-optic buses, each configured with a hub topology.
System-level trade-off studies have been conducted to determine the best power system, basic bus configuration, and operating strategy.
The bus configuration incorporates relatively sophisticated flow control and contention schemes.
Tenders are invited for Supply, erection & Commissioning of adapter panel for 11kv Bus coupler panel / 11KV feeder / Incomer panel required to match with existing 11kv Bus configuration as per given specifications at various sub-station under Jambuva (TR) Circle, on as and when required basis.
It will be available in different versions such as cargo vans, passenger vans, flat beds and a possible school bus configuration.
The Proton Motor fuel bus configuration requires only a minimum of peripheral changes, Proton said, since the stacks are air-cooled.
Conexant's SoftAMC eliminates the need for a separate bus interface device, making it compatible with any bus configuration and allowing it to achieve the lowest possible system cost.