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In the new process, the same business administrator as before fills out an online form, which initiates the hiring process.
Joy Thompson, 28, administrator, Gos-forth; Ernest Anderson, 66, retired, South Shields; Hazel Board, 68, doctor, West Bol-don; Joan Knaggs, 66, retired teacher, North Heaton; Victoria Martin, 18, business administrator, Teams; Andrew Freter, 28, chef, Gosforth
June, a business administrator, said: "I'm looking forward to the ride - I'm just hoping the weather won't be as wet and horrible as last time.
But we want to make decisions by the summer,'' Motoya Okada, business administrator and president of major retailer Aeon Co.
BUSINESS administrator June James has been named the new president of Soroptimists in Leamington and Warwick.
He was most recently business administrator for Camp Ramah in New England.
lawyer, business administrator, Presidential candidate.
Small Business Administrator Karen Mills will highlight assistance available to residents, businesses and nonprofit organizations in the process of recovering from the physical or economic damage caused by Hurricane Irene.
Now he has secured a job at an insurance company as a business administrator.
Jasmine Craggs, 18, business administrator from New Marske: "It's far too young, it would get into their heads and make them inquisitive.
Newark's city business administrator, Richard Monteilh, actually includes Rutgers and the city's other higher educational institutions in a monthly meeting of Newark movers and shakers on how best to develop the city.
One of the region's leading independent property companies and chartered surveyors, George F White, has appointed Paul Russell as business administrator.
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