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BCQBusiness Communication Quarterly (journal)
BCQBike Culture Quarterly (UK; bicycling magazine)
BCQBible College of Queensland (Australia)
BCQBuilding Codes Queensland (Department of Infrastructure and Planning; Queensland, Autstralia)
BCQBlue Chamber Quartet (Germany)
BCQBoat Crew Qualification
BCQBritish Cycle Quest (UK)
BCQBreast Central Quadrantectomy (medical procedure)
BCQBureau du Contrôle de Qualité (French: Bureau of Quality Control; Luxembourg)
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The study is published in journal Business Communication Quarterly.
ABC recognizes outstanding business communication scholarship through our annual awards, such as the Distinguished Publication on Business Communication, Outstanding Article of the Year in Business Communication Quarterly (our teaching research and practice journal that will be published by Sage beginning in March 2004), and the Outstanding Article of the Year in JBC.
An article in Business Communication Quarterly by Waner (1995) emphasizes that the need for excellent communication skills in the workforce is mentioned in many research projects, but the research does not state which skills should receive the most emphasis.
Business Ethics and the Challenge of the Information Age," Business Communication Quarterly, v10n1, pp.
Computer Conversations and Writing Apprehension," Business Communication Quarterly, v63n1, pp.
Enhancing the business communication course through WebCT, Business Communication Quarterly, 64(3), 87-94
Writing from outside the US, we believe it is time for the ABC and our publications, such as The Journal of Business Communication and Business Communication Quarterly, to continue to extend their boundaries and to increase the dialogue between researchers and practitioners in North America, Europe, and elsewhere (see also Rogers, 1998).
Ethical Challenges for Business in the New Millennium: Corporate Social Responsibility and Models of Management Morality," Business Communication Quarterly, v10n1, pp.
Ethical Preferences Among Business Leaders: Implications for Business Schools," Business Communication Quarterly, v63n1, pp.
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