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BIEBureau of Indian Education (Washington, DC)
BIEBureau International des Expositions
BIEBuck Institute for Education (Novato, CA)
BIEBanco de Informacion Economica (Spanish: Economic Data Bank; Mexico)
BIEBusiness Integration Engine
BIEBase Station Interface Equipment
BIEBoot Image Extractor
BIEBottled in England (band)
BIEBoundary Integral Equation
BIEBerkeley Institute of the Environment (California)
BIEBusiness in the Environment
BIEBureau of Industry Economics (Australia)
BIEBusiness Information Entity
BIEBureau voor de Industriële Eigendom (Dutch: Netherlands Industrial Property Office)
BIEBritish Institute of Embalmers (West Midlands, England)
BIEBritain in Europe (UK political party)
BIEBioenergetic Intolerance Elimination (allergy treatment)
BIEBachelor of Industrial Engineering
BIEBlackboard Idea Exchange (software development)
BIEBureau de l'Intégration des Étrangers (French: Office of the Integration of Foreigners; Switzerland)
BIEBintan Industrial Estate (Singapore)
BIEBullous Ichthyosiform Erythroderma
BIEBrakes in Emergency
BIEBusiness Information Exchange (Engine)
BIEBusiness Intelligence Environment
BIEBalzan Immer Etanchéité SA (French: Balzan Immer Waterproofing SA; Switzerland)
BIEBourse Internationale de l'Emploi (French; employment service; Switzerland)
BIEBureau Internationale de l'Education
BIEBiggest Idiot Ever (internet slang)
BIEBusiness Interruption Event
BIEBachelor in Economics
BIEBritish Irish Exchange
BIEBureau Intercommunal de l'Emploi (French: Intercommunal Employment Office)
BIEBeyond Imagination Entertainment (Australia)
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com)-- In this Soundview Live webinar, "What You Need to Know About Crisis Management," nationally recognized crisis expert Jim Lukaszewski taps into four decades of professional expertise to clearly differentiate a crisis from other business interruption events.
The Array Business Continuity Flex Plan has been specifically designed to address a wide range of potential business interruption events with no intervention required, i.
A strong argument can be made for creating legal discovery teams just as is done for disaster preparedness or business interruption events.
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