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Turner's centrist approach has attracted a slew of bipartisan backing from Dallas Independent School District trustees, the Texas Association of Realtors PAC and the Texas Association of Business PAC. With election day quickly approaching, Turner said he believes his campaign is in a good position.
Katie Henke, as well as contributions from the Greater Oklahoma City Chamber and the Norman Business PAC.<br />The two candidates have spent their money differently.
Under Brogan's leadership, NEW JOBS became the fastest growing and largest ideological business PAC in the state.
Whereas the average association spends 32 percent of its resources for labor, overhead and expenses, NBWA spends 12 percent--the lowest of any federal business PAC surveyed.
The main business PAC promoting the amendment spent $7 million, while the PAC that trial lawyers sponsored to defeat the initiative spent $7.5 million.
And Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison, who never met an oil company or big business PAC she couldn't take money from, wants to come back home in four years and run for governor.
Body Shop yesterday agreed to sell its pounds 20 million Littlehampton plant to South African contract manufacturing business Pac Creative.
Because previous analyses have shown that corporate and trade PAC patterns of giving are largely similar, and because we have no reason to expect their valuation of majority status to differ, we combine corporate and trade contributions into a single "business PAC" category.
The business PAC is headed by a retired Army general, James Dozier.
Reynolds PAC donated $500; the National Federation of Independent Business PAC, $1,000; General Public Utilities PAC, $500; Georgia Power Co.
Business PAC capital spending as a percent of the fixed investment component of GDP was 2.5 percent, compared with 2.0 percent in 1987.
Atsinger, who founded the California Independent Business PAC with three other wealthy business executives, is a multi-millionaire who owns Salem Communications Corp., which owns more than 40 religious radio stations.
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