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BTAIBusiness Travel Accident Insurance
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AIG Global Ambassador includes Global Business Travel Accident Insurance and features the same travel solutions and services as AIG Ambassador.
MetLife's Business Travel Accident Insurance is an exciting addition to our employee benefits offerings.
For employees traveling on company business, MetLife's Business Travel Accident Insurance provides them and their beneficiaries added financial security should they be confronted with the unanticipated consequences of an accidental death or certain serious accidental injuries.
Some of the additional features of MetLife's Business Travel Accident Insurance include:
As business travel continues to grow, business travel accident insurance is becoming increasingly important to employers and employees alike.
When adding a MetLife Business Travel Accident Insurance policy, an employer may also wish to consider a Travel Assistance feature.
Business Travel Accident Insurance also provides insured directors and corporate officers access to AIG Assist Travel Assistance Services, offering comprehensive emergency, legal, medical and pre-trip or en-route assistance services, which can include assistance with lost baggage/passports, insurance coordination, medical and legal referrals, evacuation and repatriation services, emergency cash and emergency messaging.
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