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Above the infrastructure layer are application vendors that also hope to capture and influence tomorrow's business-to-business market.
Reed Business, the business-to-business division of London-based Reed Elsevier, is a leading global publisher and exhibition organizer, providing magazines, exhibitions, conferences, online media, directories and marketing services to business customers across six continents.
Marketers need to recognize that business-to-business media enhance the efforts of their sales organizations as a significant majority of end-users believe business-to-business media should be an important part of an integrated sales initiative.
The business-to-business communications industry offers a large variety of acquisition opportunities to build and grow a major business-to-business company.
Hubspan is committed to lowering the barriers to business-to-business integration participation, making it easy and cost-effective for customers like Barnes & Noble.
The firm serves business-to-business and business-to-consumer marketers in technology, financial services, entertainment and medical/healthcare.
Mobium Creative Group is a full-service, integrated business branding and communications firm specializing in business-to-business integrated communications, branding, relationship marketing, interactive media, and information architecture.
To ensure that integration between business partners is executed successfully, Hubspan's business-to-business integration network also includes support from a team of seasoned integration specialists with proven experience facilitating and expediting trading partner connections.
In addition to the increased visual impact, business-to-business customers will now find the site easier to use with faster access to tools and information they need most.
Revonet, the leading data-powered provider of business-to-business sales leads, today announced that it is the recipient of Verizon's 2003 Supplier Excellence Award.
OTCBB: LPLHA) (OTCBB:LPLHB), one of the fastest growing business-to-business and business-to-government providers of public information, announced today that it has begun the process to become ISO 9000 Certified.
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