BuxWVBuxtehude Werkverzeichnis (German cataloging number abbreviation for works by Dietrich Buxtehude)
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Lister takes only two substantial liberties with the musical text of BuxWV 271, one of Buxtehude's most attractive trio sonatas.
22-64 of the Sonata in A Minor, BuxWV 254, however, bears witness to Buxtehude's ability to combine idiomatic (and difficult) instrumental writing with often rigorous counterpoint.
The opening movement of the Sonata in B[flat] Major, BuxWV 255, is a prime example of Buxtehude's variations on a ground bass.
The Toccata in D minor, BuxWV 155, is surely the most mangled survivor of this repertory: its only source is corrupt (almost) beyond saving.