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Tagg's Island: was beaten by Buyer Beware last time out
Bought by his current owner Tim O'Driscoll for [euro]35,000 at Goffs November Sales, Buyer Beware has moved stable, is sure to be well-schooled and, with Roger Loughran in the saddle, makes plenty of appeal.
This is a `let the buyer beware,' and the advantage of what the media can do is help clarify who are the main players in the debate, the satellites, and who are the genuinely independent voices.
Even in the 21st Century, the old rules apply - buyer beware.
This would not be a case of buyer beware, but more a case of any potential buyer having to be stupid
The company also produces a growing list of free informational publications, include the quarterly Cycles newsletter and such pamphlets and brochures as Let the Buyer Beware, which explains the ins and outs of laundry contracts and emphasizes the fact that no SDI contract is ever written with a right of first refusal clause; No More Quarters
6: Bob Dylan Live 1964 Concert at Philharmonic Hall,'' Sean Wilentz (Bob Dylan); ``Carry It On,'' Barry Alfonso (Peter, Paul and Mary); ``The Complete Columbia Recordings of Woody Herman and His Orchestra and Woodchoppers (1945-1947),'' Loren Schoenberg (Woody Herman and His Orchestra); ``Let the Buyer Beware,'' Paul Krassner (Lenny Bruce); ``No Thanks