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BOLRBuyer of Last Resort (Australia)
BOLRBuilding Owners Labor Relations, Inc. (Philadelphia, PA)
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'We have enough land to cultivate rice but if the government becomes the buyer of last resort through off-taker arrangements, it would improve agriculture not only in my area but also the Nupe speaking areas of Kwara generally.
Further, the ECB is the guaranteed buyer of last resort if the public refuses to buy bonds at an interest rate considered too low to justify the risk.
Cryne admits he became a "reluctant" owner and the "buyer of last resort" when he took over at Oakwell in 2004 and rescued Barnsley from administration.
Deutsche Bank Securities analyst George Hill described private equity as a "buyer of last resort," since regulators would rather see divested stores go to established competitors.
Bloomberg said that Atlante is to act as a buyer of last resort for banks that struggle to raise equity capital in the private markets or that cannot sell off the riskiest portions of their bad debts.
Since 2008, however, the central bank has turned into a buyer of last resort, wading into markets such as mortgage-backed securities to provide liquidity, and the Federal Reserve now owns a significant share of outstanding US mortgage-backed securities.
The Group also acts as the buyer of last resort of local paddy, and ensures fair and stable rice prices."
In the new governance system for EMU, the ECB's role as the guardian of price stability was extended to the buyer of last resort for government debt (in association with activities of ESM) and to the single supervisor of banks.
Bernanke proposed two: one, that acting as a buyer of last resort pushed down longer-term yields and helped revive the housing market; or two, that the move simply sent a "whatever it takes" signal that kept rates low.
The former has pledged to keep printing money until unemployment falls; the latter has promised to act as buyer of last resort for Spanish and Italian bonds.
"Its troubled banks remain on the hook as the buyer of last resort for government debt, feeding investor fears about whether Spain the sovereign will be next in line."