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This article considers various types of incentives that can be introduced into contracts, presents both a mathematical and graphic presentation of various types of incentive contracts, and demonstrates how incentive contracts not only guide contractor performance to the advantage of the buying organization but also allocates risk between the parties.
Further, no correlation was found between a buyer's trust in the supplier and the corresponding supplier's trust in the buyer, nor did the suppliers' perceptions of the extent of proprietary information disclosed by the buying organization match the buying organizations perceptions on the extent of proprietary information disclosed.
The retailer announced the formation of the centralized buying organization in February, which eliminated separate home merchandising functions at all its divisions except Bloomingdale's.
The Selling Organization's product catalog is accessible to the Buying Organization and is hosted by the Buying Organization, the Selling Organization or a third party.
Some buying organizations require their suppliers to provide their MRO product data in the same electronic format.
Highlighting their views on this collaboration, Menouar Lounes, Master Data Manager, Provera, the buying organization for Cora Hypermarkets, and Match Supermarkets said, "We strongly support this effort.
MedAssets HSCA is a progressive buying organization whose customers include many of the leading healthcare providers throughout the country, and we are delighted with the opportunity to bring the value of Masimo SET pulse oximetry to its member hospitals.
In response to a congressional mandate, GAO identified the extent to which selected DOD buying organizations waived the competition requirements of section 803 and determined the level of competition on orders available for competition.
Poet Software (Neuer Markt: POXA), has debuted Poet eSupplierPort, the latest addition to its eSupplier Solutions product portfolio that allows buying organizations to automatically validate and integrate catalog content into their eProcurement systems.
By successfully integrating the invoice solution with Ariba, Beeline can continue to expand transaction capabilities with mutual clients and leverage the technology and investment that the buying organizations have with Ariba.
Cousins & Stanwix's finding that many organizations fail to view the relationship development component as central to the supply chain management function is consistent with the more general finding that buying organizations struggle to achieve true partnerships with their suppliers and that many continue to manage suppliers based on more of an arms-length relationship approach (Maniotti, 1999).
The table below shows examples of discrepancies at different buying organizations within these three departments.