BWCAWBoundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness (Minnesota)
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Setting aside the fact that the proposed mine would permanently pollute BWCAW with highly toxic acid mine drainage, the minerals that would be produced copper and nickel are not in short supply.
Although logging is not allowed in the BWCAW portion of the aerial sampling frame (Fig.
The BWCAW stretches over more than 1.1 million acres of northern Minnesota's Superior National Forest.
(Backes 1997, 273) Unlike the situation in Gotchnik, disputes over motors in the BWCAW do not always involve Native Americans or treaty rights.
When viewed in this light, the Court concludes that the Chiefs decision is in accord with the BWCAW Act, the Wilderness Act, and prudent wilderness management" (1392).
Historically, the rot rotation period for catastrophic fires in the BWCAW had been [double tidle]50-100 years (Heinselman 1973), less than the potential life-span of the tree species, so that fire-adapted species listed above dominated at all stages of stand development.
Todays letter comes after a dramatic policy reversal by the Department of the Interior that led to the reinstatement of 50-year-old mineral leases next to the BWCAW held by a Chilean mining conglomerate.
climate change resistance and resilience in BWCAW. (192) They predict
A map covering the North Shore and BWCAW is available from Superior National Forest, Box 338, Duluth, MN 55801; (218) 720-5380.
Forest Service following reports that the new online reservation system for distributing Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness (BWCAW) permits experienced extreme technical difficulties yesterday.
In the BWCAW, managers may want to use chemicals to preserve stands of black ash if future climate change facilitates invasion of the emerald ash borer.