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BYABecause You Asked
BYABillion Years Ago
BYABerkeley Youth Alternatives
BYABrigham Young Academy (1892 to 1904; Church of Latter-Day Saints)
BYABrentwood Youth Activities (Brentwood, NY)
BYABrownsville Youth Association (Brooklyn, NY)
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Regarding this, Shabkar sings, "The mind's natural condition is primordially emptiness-clarity/ it is impartial and encompasses all" (Zhabs dkar, bya btang 4: 351).
The BYA Girls Twilite Basketball Program was the first of its kind; 22 girls have earned college Division 1 scholarships in this program and many of them were the first in their families to attend college.
For example, ma rtsa is pronounced as mar tsa, mi rgod as mir god, snga rgol as sngar gol, phyi rgol as phyir gol, bcu rgu as bcur gu, tho rgod as thor god, nga rgyal as ngar gyal, rdo rje as rdor je, lo rgyus as lor gyus, 'o rtsam as 'or tsam, chu rtsed as chur tsed, bya rgod as byar god, blo rgod as blor god, bu rdzi as bur dzi, ba rzi as bar dzi, lo rgan as lor gan, mi rgan as mir gan, pho rgod as phor god, kha rje as khar je, rgya rgan as rgyar gan, dge rgan as dger gan, bla rgan as blar gan, dmu rgod as dmur god, pha rgan as phar gan, ha rgod as har god and khyi rgan as khyir gan.
The lightweight unit can be transported on a trailer pulled bya one-ton truck and requires minimal crews to operate.
GEORGE Clooney has been named the Sexiest Man Alive for the second time bya top US magazine - and says it will rile friend Brad Pitt.
Mr Sheerman said; "I have been contacted bya number of people in Huddersfield, including one elderly woman who lost pounds 1,000.
The six-year-old, last seen beating River City bya neck at Warwick in May, is among ten horses declared for the Beards Jewellers Cup (Handicap Chase).
The grim discovery was made bya passer-by walking through Brookvale Park, off George Road, in Stockland Green, at 11am yesterday.
THE body of a sevenyear-old boy was pulled from a river yesterday after it was spotted bya member of the public, police said.
One such text, implicitly classified as a Vinaya commentary, is the Bya ba'i phung po zhes bya ba or Kriyaskandha-nama (Tohoku no.
I even had my honeymoon interrupted bya news emergency.
Doc" Masterson, the "Masterson Indexes" were first published byA.