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BPRBusiness Process Reengineering
BPRBiocidal Products Regulation (EU legislation)
BPRBlueprint Reading (course; various locations)
BPRBusiness Process Redesign
BPRBlogging Project Runway (fan site)
BPRBusiness Process Re-Engineering
BPRBritish Performance Racing
BPRBadan Pencegah Rasuah (anti-corruption agency; Malaysia)
BPRBank Perkreditan Rakyat (Indonesia; rural banks)
BPRBible Prophecy Research
BPRBureau of Public Roads
BPRBoard of Parks and Recreation (various locations)
BPRBypass Ratio
BPRBest Practice Recommendation (various organizations)
BPRBack-Pressure Regulator
BPRBusiness Public Relations (various locations)
BPRBulletin of Prosthetics Research (US VA)
BPRBottom Pressure Recorder
BPRBiological Phosphorus Removal
BPRBusiness Process Requirements
BPRBloque Popular Revolucionario
BPRBlue Planet Run (California)
BPRBeam Profile Reflectometry
BPRBerkeley Poetry Review (University of California, Berkeley; journal)
BPRBest Path Routing (computing; XRoads Networks)
BPRBleeding per Rectum
BPRBehavior Pattern Recognition
BPRBachelor of Public Relations
BPRBatch Production Record
BPRBit-Precise Reasoning
BPRBusiness Protection Regulation (UK)
BPRBack Pressure Relief
BPRBéton de Poudres Réactives (French: Reactive Powder Concrete)
BPRBurnable Poison Rod (pressurized-water-reactors)
BPRBordeaux-Paris Randonneurs (French cycling club)
BPRBrand-Person Relationship (advertising)
BPRBusiness Protection from Misleading Marketing Regulations (UK)
BPRBuyer Performance Report
BPRBilateral Program Review
BPRBilling Problem Referral (Sprint)
BPRBatch Process Record
BPRBridge Plotting Room
BPRBattle Proficiency Rate (gaming)
BPRBackup Path Reservation
BPRBristol-Plymouth Regional Technical School
BPRBackplane Receive (Nortel)
BPRBasic Primary Renewal
BPRBatch Processing Requirement
BPRBeaulieu, Poulin et Robitaille (French; Canadian engineering firm)
BPRBlock Point Release
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where n is a corrective factor which depends on the bypass ratio R, and [k.
For different values of the fan overall pressure and for the same turbine inlet temperature it is calculated the bypass ratio of radial-axial turbofan with the next equation.
Furthermore, higher bypass ratio engines being the norm, the noise levels can only be expected to rise.
The first version of the GE90 will be rated at 75,000- to 80,000-lb thrust and will have a pressure ratio of 45 to 50:1 and a bypass ratio of almost 10:1.
They were not there to think, they were not allowed to investigate high bypass ratio engines (or they would be dismissed), and any figures that they found that did not show 0.
Meanwhile, the Trent 7000s deliver double-digit fuel burn improvements and the quietest operation thanks to latest technology components, materials, new zero-splice inlet and composite nacelle, fully-faired pylon and also the larger (112-inch diameter) slower-rotating front fan with a bypass ratio of 10:1 compared with the typical 5:1 ratio of previous-generation turbofans.
When Wilde became head of advanced project design, transonic fan blades became necessary and, because of the high bypass ratio, also long.
The LEAP-X will have a high bypass ratio of 12:1, a higher compression ratio of 22, and significant weight savings, all to yield fuel savings in the 15 to 16 percent range, along with lower noise.
Powered by two new Honeywell AS907 high bypass ratio turbofan engines delivering 6,501 pounds (28.
It improves specific fuel consumption by ten per cent and has twice the bypass ratio.
Fan diameters vary from 56 inches for the MRJ to 81 inches for the A320neo and MS-21, with a 12:1 bypass ratio.