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BZ2Bzip2 (compression file-naming convention)
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Program Description Benchmark suite Bzip2 File compression SPEC benchmarks and decompression program Perlbench SPEC benchmark SPEC benchmarks for perl interpreter Blackscholes Financial analysis PARSEC benchmarks program Swaptions Price portfolio of PARSEC benchmarks swaptions TSP Solving the TSP Stanford benchmarks problem by genetic algorithms Qsort quick-sort algorithm Stanford benchmarks IS Integer sorting, random NAS benchmarks memory access EP Embarrassingly NAS benchmarks Parallel BFS Breadth-First Parboil benchmarks search MM Dense Matrix-Matrix Parboil benchmarks Multiply Table 3.
Although we cannot simply compare the bioinformation software such as BWA (Burrows-Wheeler Aligner) and the universal compression software such as bzip2, analyzing their BWT algorithms is meaningful.
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Bzip2 cat Super PI Iozone Ccrypt Bzip2 93.887 148.28 89.787 146.988 142.82 cat 30.996 58.892 40.762 40.762 45.104 Super PI 101.141 99.981 100.892 121.99 105.21 Iozone 175.33 205.27 109.756 198.73 110.26 Ccrypt 245.03 296.55 233.50 311.73 257.91 Gzip 230.75 393.99 227.09 403.74 245.10 Gzip Bzip2 144.168 cat 50.026 Super PI 103.54 Iozone 113.64 Ccrypt 254.03 Gzip 240.02 Table 4: Test Applications.
They are pleased to announce that they have added now - as many users have requested such feature - the extraction support for ZIP and ZIPX archives using BZIP2, LZMA and PPMd compression.
Benchmarks Type Warm up instructions gzip (pro) Int 2000M gzip (src) Int 1400M Wupwise FP 2000M Gcc Int 2000M Mesa FP 700M Art FP 2000M Mcf Int 1000M bzip2 (pro) Int 2000M bzip2 (src) Int 2000M Twolf Int 900M mpeg2d MB 0M Gsm MB 0M mpeg2e MB 0M TABLE 5: Combination of benchmarks used for multiprocessing cores.
7-ZIP supports Packing / unpacking of various formats like 7z, ZIP, GZIP, BZIP2 and TAR.
Lighttpd server supports also BWT-based bzip2 compression, but this format is only supported by lynx and some other console text-browsers.