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Under this long-term contracts renewal, Marshall will continue to provide support to its longest-standing global C-130 customer until the end of 2021, with an option to extend the deal.
Aeronautics Capabilities Solutions(TM) improve the C-130's existing operational capabilities, reduce operating costs, improve availability and can be installed by C-130 operators, Lockheed Martin teams, or at one of 17 global Lockheed Martin-certified Hercules Service Centers.
Nagpadala tayo ng isang (We sent a) C-130 to bring them here.
Reservists who volunteer to serve as C-130 air advisors in Afghanistan have the unique opportunity to help lay the foundation for the Afghan air force.
More than 50 nations with 200 aircraft from across the world competed for the coveted trophy; however, the PAF C-130 clinched the best aircraft trophy with its artistic depiction of our national determination and sense of sacrifice in the wake of Zarb-e-Azb.
The report added that the 2nd C-130 arrived at the Baler Airport at exactly 9:50AM with 660 family food packs, 1,680 pieces of blankets, 1,968 sack mosquito nets, 270 pairs of malong and other necessities.
Tunisia received a first C-130 late last year and has also concluded deals to receive speedboats to guard its coasts, advanced helicopters as well as night vision equipment.
The C-17 dropped some 40 container delivery system bundles of meals ready to eat and was complemented by a C-130 loaded with an additional 16 bundles totaling 28,224 meals.
This, sources said, suggests a sudden, drastic loss of control due to the turbulence generated by the lead C-130 J and is being corroborated by the air crash investigators with data from the flight recorders.
The PAF C-130 air-lifted food supplies for quick dispensation to the draught stricken areas of Thar.
Considering the failing light and poor visibility, these animals would have been extremely difficult to see from the tower and the C-130 cockpit.
Through our work with ST Aerospace and the Royal Air Force of Oman, we look forward to continuing our long legacy of helping C-130 pilots achieve their missions with these important upgrades.