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- In less than two weeks, all 113 Total Force C-130 Hercules aircraft have been inspected and 112 cleared to return to worldwide operational duty, following a temporary removal from service Aug.
In consultation with aircraft maintenance and engineering experts, General Miller directed an immediate time compliance technical order inspection to identify and correct any cracking to ensure airworthiness of these C-130 aircraft.
L3's C-130 avionics modernization solutions offer customers proven and affordable upgrades to meet international Communications, Navigation, Surveillance/Air Traffic Management standards.
The incident was the second involvingPAF's C-130 cargo planes in recent years.
PAF Spokesman Major Aristides Galang, said, fortunately, no one was hurt on the passengers and crewmembers of the C-130 with tail number 4726 which caught fire at about 7:10 a.m.
RIYADH: The C-130 Hercules transport aircraft has long been known as the world's workhorse, toiling away for 70 nations around the globe, including the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
The C-130 was on a routine training flight, said a spokesman for the service and added that the fire was extinguished and all crew members were safe.
A PAF spokesperson said the C-130 was on a routine training mission and made an emergency landing at the PAF base.
The Philippine C-130 plane will be limited to transporting aid and a humanitarian team, and will not be engaged in retrieval operations.
According to a press release issued today, PAF C-130 was honored out of 300 aircraft in this mega show.
In 2016, the PAF C-130 won the prestigious trophy after it was adjudged the best aircraft for highlighting Pakistan's role and its sacrifices in the war against terror.