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In the C-135 section, Breffort comprehensively presents USAF requirements and the role of Gen.
The Air Force chief of staff flies on the modified C-135. Fully equipped with radio equipment, data links, and cryptographic sets, the aircraft serves a secondary role as a test bed for proposed command and control systems.
Figure 3 illustrates this pattern for the C-135 (covering EC- 135s, KC-135s, and RC-135s).
As part of a MATS Control Team, based at Hunter Airfield, in Georgia, I was in GITMO when the C-135 crashed--I stood there and watched.
A few months later, in Operation Hercules, the first French Mirage 2000D and C-135 aircraft landed at Manas Air Base, Kyrgyzstan, along with American F-18s and F-15s.
For these missions, the French tactical fighters were supported by allied tankers (US Air Force KC-l35s and KC-10s, Australian 707s, RAFThStars, and French C-135 FRs), Hawkeyes from the US Navy and French Marine Nationale, and USAF E-3 AWACS and UAVs.
Tenders are invited for remanufacture of c-135 mechanical transmission, nsn: 1680-00-621-0766fl, p/n: 5-84049-11, qty: 25 ea.
My Jaguar squadron -- along with Mirage F1Cs, transport aircraft (such as the C-160), C-135 tankers and a Breguet Atlantic I maritime-patrol aircraft of the French Navy, acting as an airborne command/ELINT post -- was detached to Bangui (in Central Africa) where we began preparations for the attack on the airfield.
Im especially proud of our success in including provisions for substantial upgrades to the C-135 fleet at Offutt that will help keep the 55th Wing prepared and safe, said Senator Fischer.
Green Industry Expo (GIE) Orange County Convention Center, Orlando, FL; Associated Landscape Contractors of America, 1000 Johnson Ferry Road NE, Suite C-135, Marietta, GA 30068.
As a member of the conference committee, I was pleased to include a provision requiring a new assessment of the health of the C-135 fleet.
Based in the capital of N'Djamena (950 men), Abeche to the east (150 men) and Faya-Largeau (around 12) to the north, the troops also have air support (six Mirage F1 fighter plans, three Transall C-160 transport aircraft, a C-135 supply aircraft, a reconnaissance Atlantic Breguet and three Puma helicopters).