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8 9 14 & 44 Rok-Pnp) (37& 40-Dli-Rok) (80-Rok-Jhi) (119 120 121 125 128 C-140 C-142 C-147 C-149 C-153 C-155 C-160 C-177 C-178 C-183 C-200 C-201 C-202 C-203 C-216 C-222 C-223 C-225 C-234 C-235- Jhi-Bti)=Total-32 Nos.
Gateway will also offer a version of the product for home and home office customers, the Gateway(R) C-140.
Among the latest PDAs supported by VersaCard are Casio's Cassiopeia A-10, A-11 and A-11 Plus, as well as Compaq's entre into the handheld market, the PC Companion C-120, C-120+ and C-140.
C-140 under Railway Track/Land for Punjab Water Supply & Sewerage Division Bathinda on Rajpura-Bathinda Section in the section of SSE/W/Bathinda under ADEN/Bathinda.