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The Reserve gave McGregor the opportunity to switch aircraft platforms once again--from the C-141 to the G-130B Hercules--out of Kelly AFB, Texas, which was much more conducive to his status as a full-time student.
prisoners of war, ending finally on 12 February 1973 as 116 of them landed in a C-141 at Clark Field in the Philippines on a nonstop flight from Hanoi.
The preparations for flight on the C-141 are rather involved and time consuming, and grounded flyers need to be replaced soon enough to not miss the scheduled launch time.
That's because the MLRS had to be light enough to be air-lifted by the C-141 Starlifter.
Many years of development culminated in 1970 with the highly successful Kuiper Airborne Observatory (KAO, named for Gerard Kuiper), a C-141 military transport plane with a 36-inch (91-cm) telescope.
I HAD TO CATCH a C-141 to Nevada, so I didn't have time to solve this mystery.
With a combat weight of 14 tons, it can be easily loaded onto air transports, such as the C-130, C-141 and C-5, or helicopters, such as the CH-53E.
He is a command pilot with more than 5,400 hours in a variety of aircraft including the C-141 Starlifter and C-17 Globemaster III.
At right, the "walking wounded" from Iraq are transferred from a C-141 aircraft before being shuttled to a hospital.
His professional experience includes piloting the T-37, C-141, C12, and E-4B aircraft.
Members used a generic 1965-model bead breaker (a relic of the C-141 days), which required them to balance a 400-pound-W/T assembly on a 10x10-inch platform and hoist it 2 feet off the ground.