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C-4Composition 4 (explosive)
C-4Colonial Coin Collectors Club
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of aliphatic), 1663 (C=O str.), 1580 (C=C aromatic str.), 1431 (S=O), 1198 (C-O-C bond str.), 1119 (C-N-C bond str.), 621 (C-Br bond str.); 1H-NMR (600 MHz, CDCl3, I', ppm): 7.78 (d, J = 2.4 Hz, 1H, H-6"), 7.65 (d, J = 2.4 Hz, 1H, H-4"), 7.47 (d, J = 1.5 Hz, 1H, H-5), 7.07 (d, J = 3.3 Hz, 1H, H-3), 6.48 (dd, J = 1.5, 3.2 Hz, 1H, H-4), 3.88 (br.s, 2H, CH2-1'"), 3.80 (br.s, 4H, CH2-3', CH2-5'), 3.33 (t, J = 6.4, 2H, CH2-2"'), 3.22 (br.t, J = 4.5 Hz 4H, CH2-2', CH2-6'); 13C-NMR (150 MHz, CDCl3, I', ppm): 159.02 (C-2"), 152.98 (C-6), 147.77 (C-2), 143.01 (C-5), 134.90 (C-4"), 134.37 (C-5"), 131.00 (C-6"), 129.17 (C-3"), 128.12 (C-1"), 117.44 (C-3), 111.32 (C-4), 67.20 (C-1'''), 46.31 (C-2', C-3', C-5', C-6'), 27.09 (C-2'''); Anal.
Thirty-one regional governments in Korea have signed agreements with governments in Southeast Asia to bring in migrant workers on the C-4 visa.
However, the sites for C-3 and C-4 were registered and construction licenses were awarded in 2011.
C-4 countries provide three per cent of the world cotton production and eight per cent of world cotton export.
Bhatti assured full support and technical assistance to the C-4 countries and said that the cooperation between Pakistan and C-4 countries should exceed in other areas as well.
'This technical assistance to C-4 countries fits well within Pakistan's strategy in reaching out to African countries furthermore the resources allocated in this regard will deepen our engagements with African region', he added.
C-4 Cotton Initiative: The C-4 countries are instrumental in establishing a 'cotton initiative' within the framework of the WTO during the Cancun Ministerial Conference in 2003.
95 (6H, d, J = 8 Hz, -[(C[H.sub.3]).sub.2]), 1.85-2.07 (1H, m, -CH-), 2.55 (2H, d, J = 8 Hz, -C[H.sub.2]-); [sup.13]C NMR (100 MHz, CD[Cl.sub.3], ppm): d 187.51 (C-1), 126.23 (C-2), 132.74 (C-3), 129.17 (C-2' and C6'), 129.88 (C-3 ' and C-5 '), 134.61 (C-1'), 146.97 (C-4 '), 129.51 (C-2"), 112.56 (C-3"), 108.26 (C-4"), 119.39 (C-5"), 23.12 (-C[H.sub.3], C of isobutyl group at C-4"), 30.63 (-CH-, C of isobutyl group at C-4 "), 47.99 (-C[H.sub.2]-, C of isobutyl group at C-4 "); MS (m/z, %): 299.1 (M + 1, 99.16); Anal.
He said the C-4 is a step forward from the Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission (PAEC) in achieving its target of adding 8,800 MW to the national grid by the year 2030.
A C-4 cervical level injury, the second most common level of SCI in the SCiStar study's targeted patient population, generally means that the injured person is paralyzed from the neck down and requires round-the-clock care.
BV Investment Partners, a middle-market private equity firm focused on the business services and IT services sectors, has partnered with the management of digital marketing firm C-4 Analytics, LLC, the company said.