C-5AGalaxy (USAF cargo aircraft)
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For instance, he compares the successful C-141 with the troubled C-5A programs to provide long-range airlift and describes the Army's fascinating political struggle to choose between the M-14 and the AR-15 to outfit its infantry.
Three of the five A-10 squadrons slated to be cut were restored; most of the planned cuts of C-5As were restored; and 30 of the C-130 and C-27 transporters were saved.
The government has moved its Lockheed C-130s into the commercial market, and she thinks the C-5As are next.
Before his career in private aviation he served in the US Air Force as a Lockheed C-5A crew member.
The US Air Force wants to start retiring its eight worst-performing Lockheed Martin C-5A Galaxy strategic transports, but is still awaiting Congressional approval.
It is transportable by a C-5A or C-17 military transport aircraft.
Transportation Command to ensure that the new mobility capabilities study specifies the ton-mile per day metric and other relevant metrics to support sound strategic airlift decisions, including (1) the cost-effective mix of C-5 and C-17 aircraft consistent with national security strategy; (2) the number of C-5s required to airlift equipment that can only be carried by that aircraft; (3) C-5A retirement schedules, if warranted by analysis; (4) the number of C-17s needed to accomplish both its strategic and tactical roles; and (5) future procurement and modernization needs.
B-52 1955 Nash Stratofortress Ambassador U-2 Dragon 1956 Studebaker Lady KC-135 1957 Nash Stratotanker Metropolitan C-130E 1958 Buick Hercules Limited C-5A Galaxy 1970 Gremlin RC-135 Rivet 1973 Dodge Dart Joint F-15 Eagle 1975 Ford Maverick E-3 Sentry 1977 Cadillac De Ville F-16 Fighting 1979 Ford Falcon Fairmont KC-10 1982 Chevy Extender malibu F-117 1983 Pontiac Nighthawk 6000 B-1B Lancer 1986 Buick Somerset F-15E Strike 1989 Chevy Eagle Caprice C-17 1995 Dodge Globemaster Spirit III B-2 Spirit & 1997 Buick E-8 Joint Skylark Spirit MQ-1 2003 Oldsmobile Predator Aurora F-22 Raptor 2005 Pontiac Grand Am
"I think we've passed the window to [modernize C-5A aircraft], because they will be too old, and we won't get much payback out of them," he said.
He covers, to cite just a small sample, the 41,000-pound-thrust TF39 for the USAF C-5A transport, the F404 for the F-18 Hornet, the TF34 for the Navy S-3A Viking and the Air Force A-10, and the T700 turboshaft engine used on many helicopters.
Air Force for various wing spoilers and panels for C-5A Galaxy cargo jets.