C-CASTController Communication and Situation Awareness Terminal
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By connecting to C-Cast, EVS' scalable, cloud-based video-on-demand editing and distribution platform, deltatre's enhanced video players enable live multi-camera content to be instantly enriched with data and distributed to connected audiences.
With its new Syndication operation of C-Cast, digital media holders using the C-Cast platform can grant regional right holders, clubs/stadiums and sponsors access to content shared with C-Cast Central.
C-Cast will help drive a range of services including web and mobile app solutions enriched with deltatre's enhanced video player for live and VOD streaming, as well as results, statistics and editorial content.
"We're extremely enthusiastic about this partnership, which illustrates the power and evolving nature of C-Cast to unlock immediate access to exclusive content and therefore new distribution channels and business opportunities," commented Stephane Houet, C-Cast's product manager at EVS.
Find out how more than 24 million football fans watched live, C-Cast enabled action during the 2014 FIFA World Cup from their portable device.
EVS' C-Cast system enables broadcasters and rights holders to deliver unused content -- such as unseen camera angles and highlights -- to viewers' second-screen devices using existing live production infrastructure.
The flexibility of the C-Cast system allows C-Cast Central to be deployed on premise at the broadcast center, or in the cloud on infrastructure managed by EVS or the broadcaster.
The integration also allows high-speed fasp transfers from C-Cast Agents directly to offsite storage, which can be in the cloud or deployed at an alternate data center for disaster recovery purposes.
During the show EVS will illustrate how Canal+ uses EVS' second-screen media delivery platform, C-Cast, to engage Ligue 1 football fans and maximise the value of its content.
At this year's CABSAT, EVS will present the award-winning second screen app C-Cast, , a new cloud casting application designed to give multi-taskers instant access to complementary or exclusive content of live and near-live broadcast programmes on connected devices, such as tablets, smartphones and laptops.