C-E LCMCCommunications-Electronics Life Cycle Management Command (US Army)
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Although we have worked as team across the development, acquisition, sustainment and logistics part of materiel development for the last decade, the C-E LCMC has brought a new understanding of how to build systems and how to sustain them.
Sintic credits JNN's success to a total team effort of each of the organizations within the C-E LCMC.
We needed to leverage the partnership of the C-E LCMC," said Sintic.
The C-E LCMC Acquisition Center employed the use of Alpha contracting methods that enabled them to negotiate and execute a contract in just 26 days, where it would have normally taken 120 days.
According to Mark Moller, an attorney with the C-E LCMC Legal department who helped support JNN, " We were involved in providing legal advice in the determining the best strategy to acquire the JNN in the most expeditious time frame to meet the Army's immediate needs.
All of the organizations that are part of the C-E LCMC started to glue together the whole program in terms of being able to support it logistically.
As soon as your unit returns from Operation Enduring Freedom (OEF) or Operation Iraqi Freedom (OIF), get C-E LCMC to inspect your generators and enroll them in the RESET program.
Contact your C-E LCMC logistics assistance representative (LAR) or go directly to one of these RESET program POCs:
Those claims have not been tested and verified by C-E LCMC.
There are only two batteries tested and approved by C-E LCMC for use with the 5-KW tactical quiet generator.