C-FASTCounter-Force Automated Surveillance & Targeting (USAF)
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"Currently the only real alternative to orthodontic treatment is veneers and, while they do offer instant results, they may end up causing more damage to the existing tooth, which isn't the case with C-FAST.
Yet, unlike traditional braces, which can be unsightly and clunky, the C-FAST treatment is virtually invisible as the brackets and wires are matched to the individual's tooth colour.
The inventors of the other military invention C-FAST, the Hep-C and AIDS detection stapler-gun, have been quick to distance themselves from the CCD invention, but so far haven't been able to explain how their invention requires no power source except "the holder's body's static electricity", or how it has a detection range of 0-500 metres, which means you can detect sick people half a kilometre away with it.
The detection device is called C-Fast, and it is a bomb detector that was supposedly further developed to detect an electromagnetic pulse that those diseases apparently elicited in our bodies.