C-ISchedule I Controlled Substance (USA)
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In the present study, we identified Apo C-I as a protein that is specifically elevated during Phase A1 of pediatric ISSNS, and its intensity correlated significantly with the UP/UCr ratio.
We suggest that Apo C-I may be associated with the pathophysiology of ISSNS.
One mechanism underlying this potential association is an increase in the serum Apo C-I levels reflecting the activation of macrophages during the nephrotic phase of pediatric ISSNS.
Another potential mechanism is Apo C-I interacting with Th2 cell responses.
A third mechanism is CD80 expression in podocytes being influenced by Apo C-I. Mice given lipopolysaccharide (LPS) expressed CD80 in their podocytes, which leads to podocyte foot process effacement and proteinuria [21].
We detected elevated Apo C-I levels during the nephrotic phase of pediatric ISSNS, and the Apo C-I levels were associated with the UP/UCr ratio.
C-I General Manager Richard Bourque said, "We can now offer HiSAS data from the 4,500 meter HUGIN to the offshore industry."