C-MAPCalifornia Management Assistance Partnership
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Despite the final values of C-MAP and WPI-OR-3 samples exceeding the threshold, significant reductions were found during the whole storage period, having higher reductions in C-MAP samples compared with WPI-OR-3 samples.
C-MAP stands for Content Movement Analysis Program, Rodrigazo's annual intensive course that educates budding choreographers on rudiments of dance composition.
Digital Marine Solutions said it will ensure that Navico and other 3rd party electronic manufacturers continue to have access to the C-MAP portfolio for both recreational and commercial marine.
C-Map users who upgrade from old chips to the newer Wides will get vastly expanded areas of coverage, boosted detail levels, and expanded ports and services data.
IIABNY urges the New York State Insurance Department to require the companies participating in C-MAP to provide at least the coverage found in a standard HO-3 homeowners policy.
A three-dimensional map of the bedrock topography was created using the computer software programs C-Map and Surfer (Figure 2).
One section of the 1988 report described a computer mapping program called C-Map, which was used to show the geographic distribution of water hardness throughout the county [2].
A wide range of cartography options are available, including C-MAP and Navionics.
Agents with insureds downstate should educate themselves on C-MAP, because we are going to need it.