C-MEDCoordinated Medical Emergency Direction (hospital radio system)
C-MEDCentral Medical Emergency Dispatch (also CMED)
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The impact of C-Med 100 [R] on cell maturation in primary lymphoid organs
To test whether C-Med 100 [R] would influence the maturation of lymphocytes, we determined the composition of precursor cell populations in the primary lymphoid organs by flow cytometry.
We also investigated the possibility that C-Med 100[R] would increase the output rate of mature T cells from thymus.
The impact of C-Med 100[R] on cell survival in viva
To address the possibility that C-Med 100[R] would influence the peripheral survival of lymphocytes, we performed adoptive transfer experiments.
The calculated decay rates of untreated control splenocytes and C-Med 100[R] treated splenocytes in control hosts, was 0.98 and 0.43 respectively.
These results are in accordance with the hypothesis that C-Med 100[R] may decrease the decay of lymphocytes in vivo.
In control experiments we transferred cells from treated mice into irradiated normal or C-Med 100[R] treated recipients.
The impact of C-Med 100[R] extract on cell division in vitro
To determine whether in vivo C-Med 100[R] treated lymphocytes would respond normally to activation signals, we performed in vitro proliferation experiments.
We also studied the survival of C-Med 100[R] treated cells in unstimulated in vitro cultures (data not shown).
A previous report demonstrated the accelerated recovery of cell-numbers in C-Med 100[R] treated rats with Doxorubicin-induced leukopenia (Sheng et al., 2000b).