C-NICConverged Network Interface Card
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Broadcom will also demonstrate its enhanced BCM57712 10GbE C-NIC that supports SR-IOV technology.
The technological enhancements developed by Broadcom are featured within all NetXtreme II C-NIC products and include support for Microsoft's TCP Chimney Offload and Receive-side Scaling functionality.
10GbE completes our C-NIC vision and levels the performance playing field against competitive network fabrics such as Infiniband and Fibre Channel, enabling Broadcom to unify the data center around a single ubiquitous, standards-based Ethernet fabric that delivers higher levels of performance and improved network communications.
The NetXtreme II BCM5708S represents the second generation of C-NIC silicon solutions from Broadcom.
By adding a PCI Express-based C-NIC to its portfolio of NetXtreme II products, Broadcom not only extends its GbE leadership in PCI Express technology, but with a PCI Express x4 interface, supporting up to 10 Gigabit per second (Gbps) throughput, provides leading performance for the latest server technologies.
Broadcom's 10GbE C-NIC and switching technologies help the new HP Virtual Connect Flex-10 10GbE module provide unparalleled input/output (I/O) capacity, which can be allocated and fine-tuned to eliminate network and performance bottlenecks.
In addition, Broadcom's 1GbE C-NIC delivers improved performance also running on VMware ESX.
Broadcom's BCM57710 NetXtreme II 10GbE C-NIC will be demonstrated at Storage Networking World 2008 with full iSCSI HBA functionality.
To address this challenge, Broadcom's new 10GbE C-NIC enables simultaneous processing of network, storage, processor clustering and management traffic on chip while enabling convergence of different traffic types over a single Ethernet fabric.
The Broadcom NetXtreme II C-NIC products now support Microsoft's Winsock Direct interface, which in turn, provides the MPI-based applications with access to RDMA network protocols and services.
Combination of Broadcom(R) NetXtreme(R) II C-NICs and New StrataXGS(R) III Switches More Than Doubles Networking Throughput Using Existing Blade Infrastructure
Combination of Broadcom(R) RDMA Over Ethernet C-NIC Technology and Microsoft Windows Compute Cluster Server 2003 Improves Performance for Widely Deployed Ethernet Networking Environments Supporting HPC Applications