C-RCajal-Retzius (cells)
C-RCarotid-to-Radial (physiology)
C-RConcentration-Tension Response (pharmacology)
C-R20 minutes of Cycling followed by 20 minutes of Running (sports medicine)
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All dosages of Bicillin([R]) C-R are delivered via the Becton Dickinson Hypak([TM]) Luer-Lok([TM])syringe system with the Eclipse([TM]) safety-cover needle.
For more than 50 years, physicians have utilized Bicillin([R]) C-R as a safe and effective treatment for a variety of susceptible upper respiratory tract infections, moderate to severe pneumonia and skin and soft-tissue bacterial infections," stated Linda Wase, M.
Please note: Bicillin([R]) C-R and Bicillin([R]) L-A are NOT identical.