C-RTCisplatinum with Radiation Therapy (oncology)
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Correlations between physical condition variables and reaction times (S-TR and C-RT) were quantified through Pearson's product-moment correlation coefficient (r).
10.70 [+ or -] 15.38%; C-RT: 3.63 [+ or -] 15.48% vs.
On average, functional training led to an 11% improvement in cognitive performance over recreational training (S-RT: 11.76%; C-RT: 10.71%; p < 0.05) (Table 2).
Tables 3 and 4 show the relationship between the S-RT or C-RT and the fitness variables before and after the training period.
recreational) on the cognitive performance of adults older than 60 years measured in terms of reaction times (S-RT and C-RT).
(1997), a positive change in correlation was detected between the C-RT and aerobic performance in EG (Table 4).
Other studies have also described the correlation between C-RT and aerobic capacity (Rikli and Edwards, 1991).