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C-SAWConstraint-Specification Aspect Weaver
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For more information on the CSBI or to find out how you can help C-SAW and Responsible Cruising in Alaska win this fight (and donate much-needed funds to the campaign!), please go to the RCA Web site (www.responsiblecruising.org) or select the C-SAW project Web site at the Earth Island home page, www.earthisland.org.
According to C-SAW Director Gershon Cohen, "The industry is literally making billions of dollars in profits every year.
The C-SAW Cruise Ship Ballot Initiative (CSBI), co-authored with the Juneau-based group Responsible Cruising in Alaska (RCA), will establish permits on all discharges and require that every wastestream meet the Alaska Water Quality Standards, enforcing the same rules applied to every other discharger into Alaska waters.
Earthjustice Legal Defense Fund, on behalf of a citizen's group from the island of Moloka'i and with the help of expert testimony from C-SAW, continues to seek an injunction to block all future visits by the industry to Moloka'i until the planning process mandated by Hawai'i state law is undertaken and completed.
A state-by-state survey of mixing zone use, published by C-SAW in October 2002, clearly demonstrates that the application of mixing zones across the US is out of control:
C-SAW's efforts to push the EPA to extend the Great Lakes standard to all US waters before the November 2000 election fell short but the idea is spreading.
Representatives from Earth Island's Campaign to Safeguard America's Waters (C-SAW) and other conservation groups reluctantly supported the plan since there were no better alternatives.
In their latest round of bad behavior, cruise ships have been found to be discharging astronomically high levels of bacteria and pollutants into pristine Alaskan waters (See C-SAW Project Report on page 7).