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C-SAWConstraint-Specification Aspect Weaver
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For more information on the CSBI or to find out how you can help C-SAW and Responsible Cruising in Alaska win this fight (and donate much-needed funds to the campaign
According to C-SAW Director Gershon Cohen, "The industry is literally making billions of dollars in profits every year.
C-SAW (with the support of Blue-water Network) recently launched a statewide initiative process in Alaska to plug the leaks in the State's 2001 cruise ship law.
C-SAW, with the help of Bluewater Network, is spearheading the passage of an initiative in Alaska to address many of these issues.
The Administrative Procedures Act provides C-SAW with the power to sue EPA in federal court if they fail to respond to the petition or fail to respond in a meaningful way.