C-STARConsortium for Speech Translation Advanced Research
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The Identitarian group running C-star, however, denied on Twitter that the vessel was in distress but said it had alerted other vessels because its main engine had stopped due to "a minor technical problem".
"C-Star is in distress and we are the closest, so at the moment we have set a course to reach them," Sea-Eye's Buschheuer told Reuters by telephone.
Sea-Eye said on Facebook that the C-Star "had engine damage, was unable to manoeuvre and was in need of assistance".
Mobilises depuis dimanche, dans le port de Zarzis, les pecheurs sont resolus a son eventuel accostage En cas d'approche du C-Star, [beaucoup moins que]nous allons fermer le canal qui sert au ravitaillement.
Samedi, le C-Star est parvenu a prendre brievement en filature le bateau d'une ONG en mission de secours.
Phase Two of the C-STAR build-out will be completed in FY 2008.
StoreNext's C-STAR is a single application consisting of four connected modules: Report Viewer, Reporting, Sales Analysis, and Electronic Journal--each one used by Pro & Sons store and department managers.
ShrinkTrax is just one of the new modules Provenzano plans to implement now that he's celebrated his one-year anniversary with ConnectedServices' C-STAR application.
Vendredi, le Forum tunisien pour les droits economiques et sociaux (FTDES) s'est dite oppose a ce que le C-Star "accoste dans les ports tunisiens" et a appele "le gouvernement a ne pas cooperer avec son equipage raciste et dangereux".
Members of the Identarian movement, which says it wants to protect Europe's identity from mass immigration, last week said they had chartered the C-Star which would set sail towards the Libyan coast to monitor humanitarian operations there.
As part of DAU's ongoing effort to "train as we operate," the new Center for Simulation, Training and Research (C-STAR) is focused on organizational team training in which teams of acquisition personnel from the same organization will move through training rotations together.
Edinburgh Sheriff Court heard Murray went into the C-Star Chip Shop, in the town's Wardlaw Place, after a night of "frenzied drinking" at a local pub.