C-TIComputer-Telephone Integration
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where c denotes the mean grain size, [A.sub.C-C], [A.sub.C-Ti], and [A.sub.C-Ni] denote areas under (C-C), (C-Ti + C-[Ti.sup.*]), and (C-Ni) peaks in XPS C1s spectrum, [M.sub.a-C], [M.sub.TiC], and [M.sub.Ni] denote atomic weights of amorphous carbon, titanium carbide, and nickel, and [[rho].sub.a-C], [[rho].sub.TiC], and [[rho].sub.Ni] denote mass densities of amorphous carbon, titanium carbide, and nickel.
It is to be noted that the absence of the characteristic binding energy of 281.0 eV for C-Ti bonds indicates that the carbon did not exist as a dopant; that is, most of the carbon species in Ti[O.sub.2] are present as elemental state [52].