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c-TECCortical Thymic Epithelial Cell Line (cell culturing)
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David Currie's Linda McPartland said: "The sale to C-TEC represents a significant investment in the North West in what over the last two years has been a depressed market and proves there is a demand for modern business premises with good motorway connections."
Established in 1981, C-TEC is an independent manufacturer of safety electronic equipment.
A C-Tec spokeswoman said, "Customers will be able to take advantage of the 75-cable-channel lineup that RCN offers under Liberty Cable in addition to the extensive DirecTv programming.
C-Tec's spokeswoman said RCN is currently wiring buildings to prepare for the installation of 24-inch dishes.
At the same time, C-TEC, a Pennsylvania company, agreed to enter into a long-range deal with Systematics under which the Little Rock company would provide virtually all data processing services for C-TEC's telephone, cable television and cellular operations.
With the C-TEC contract, suddenly Systematics, which for 22 years has based its business on providing data processing services for and leasing software to financial institutions, was entering a new and potentially lucrative field.
C-TEC is a leader in the green movement and the first certified public building to meet that qualification, not just in central Ohio, but in the state.
Rick Orr, facilities manager for C-TEC, said the benefits are tangible: Constructing and renovating buildings that meet environmental standards may cost more in the short term compared to meeting regular building codes and standards.
Serving as a full-scale resource for its 10 associate school districts--that is the goal behind the development and implementation of C-TEC's career development system, which extends throughout the K-12 system, from local school districts through the career center.