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c-TECCortical Thymic Epithelial Cell Line (cell culturing)
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Established in 1981, C-TEC is an independent manufacturer of safety electronic equipment.
At the same time, C-TEC, a Pennsylvania company, agreed to enter into a long-range deal with Systematics under which the Little Rock company would provide virtually all data processing services for C-TEC's telephone, cable television and cellular operations.
During the last 50 years, C-TEC has been the birthplace of more than 600 patent families and trademarks, including breakthrough innovations, among which: the game-changer aluminium-lithium Airware technology for the aerospace market, a new generation of advanced alloys and solutions such as SecuralexHS for the automotive market, and Aeral, a new solution for the aerosol market.
Rick Orr, facilities manager for C-TEC, said the benefits are tangible: Constructing and renovating buildings that meet environmental standards may cost more in the short term compared to meeting regular building codes and standards.
C-TEC began with a summer workshop for district high school teachers and counselors from 11 area high schools, plus C-TEC's secondary center staff.
During the 14-year period Sordoni led C-TEC Corporation, the company became one of America's best-known, diversified telecommunications companies with operations in basic telephone, cable television, cellular, paging and long-distance services.
McCourt served as both Chairman and CEO of CTE's predecessor company, C-TEC Corporation ("C-TEC"), following purchase of the controlling interest in C-TEC in 1993.
McCourt, Chairman and CEO of RCN Corporation (Nasdaq: RCNC), served as both Chairman and CEO of CTE's predecessor company, C-TEC Corporation, following purchase of the controlling interest in C-TEC by Mr.
Jones who had been acting in the dual capacity of executive vice president, general counsel and corporate secretary for both CTE and RCN Corporation (formerly both units of C-TEC Corporation).
Maitra was news director, anchor and reporter for C-TEC Cable Systems (now RCN), where she managed and anchored all news programming.