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CSKHC-Terminal Src (Sarcoma)-Related Kinase Homology
CSKHCountersunk Head
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The tyrosine-phosphorylated EPIYA-A or EPIYA-B segment serves as a docking site for the C-terminal Src kinase (CSK), a negative regulator of SFKs (Fig.
W]: Western CM; CSK: C-terminal Src kinase; EBV: Epstein-Barr virus; EMT: epithelial-to-mesenchymal transition; EPIYA: GluPro-Ile-Tyr-Ala; GAB: Grb2-associated binder; H.
2003) Attenuation of Helicobacter pylori CagA x SHP-2 signaling by interaction between CagA and C-terminal Src Kinase.
2016) C-terminal Src kinase-mediated EPIYA phosphorylation of Pragmin creates a feed-forward C-terminal Src kinase activation loop that promotes cell motility.