C-VSchedule V Controlled Substance (USA)
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How to implement extended C-V applications, such as high voltage and quasistatic C-V
This seminar is intended for those whose job requires performing C-V measurements.
C-V characterization is the most widely accepted test method for this purpose.
Typically, C-V testing is performed at two different frequencies--one test at a high frequency (either 100kHz or 1MHz), the other at a low frequency (typically less than 10Hz).
Simultaneous C-V is the most practical way to measure ultra-thin gate dielectric characteristics empirically and extract critical device parameters.
The Model 4200-SCS's familiar Microsoft Windows(R) interface and the new add-on capabilities make it easy to perform simultaneous C-V measurements and extract critical device parameters without programming.
After the user configures the GPIB addresses for the external C-V instruments, the test libraries supplied are ready to run on the Model 4200-SCS.
To the extent that there are losses to be allocated on the group I or group II notes in any given month, they will be allocated to the class C and class C-V certificates, respectively.