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C16Commodore 16 (home computer)
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Among the supplemented group the lowest (P < 0.05) concentration of C14:0, C16:0, C18:0 and total SFA was recorded with the diets containing higher levels of flaxseed or flaxseed oil.
In the GGA2, two QTLs were investigated for breast C16:0 and C22:6, with 5% chromosome-side suggestive levels ([p.sub.suggestive]<0.05).
NMO rats were randomized into two groups: vehicle-treated (n = 30) and C16 + Ang1- (C + A-) treated (n = 30).
Only a maximum of two trans fatty acids, C14:1 trans-9 and C16:2 cis or trans-7,10, were identified in the samples, both in relatively low amounts ([less than or equal to] 2.53 [micro]g/g DW).
The content of C16:0, C18:2n-6 and C18:3n-3 decreased (P less than 0.001) with maturity, with the largest decrease being observed in C18:3n-3.
It has been reported that long chain FAs of C16:0 and C18:0 chain lengths predominate in yeasts and include palmitic (16:0), palmitoleic (C16:1), stearic (C18:0), oleic (C18:1), linoleic (C:8:2), linolenic acids (C18:3)[22].
The greatest relative differences were higher levels of C16:1 and C18:3n3 in females.
No entanto, os acidos graxos laurico (C12:0), miristico (C14:0) e palmitico (C16:0) podem provocar mudancas degenerativas nas paredes arteriais (HORNSTRA & LUSSENBERG, 1975).
mulleri were predominantly C16:2, C16:3, C20:4n-6 (arachidonic acid), and C20:5n-3 (eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA)).
Among the saturated fatty acid highest amount of palmitic acid (C16:0) and stearic acid (C18:0) were found, these fatty acids were in the range from 4.09 to 16.62% and 1.43 to 3.61%, respectively in cooking oil samples, while other saturated fatty acids also present in considerable amount including, myristic (C14:0), (0.09 to 0.40%); arachidic (C20:0), (0.26 to 1.25%); docosanoic acids (C22:0), (0.08 to 0.62%) and lignoceric acid (C24:0), (0.06 to 0.72%).
Following in a descending percentage order of fatty acids majority comes soon after the palmitic acid (C16: 0), cis-linoleic acid (C18:2[omega]6c), stearic (C18:0), trans-9-octadecenoic (C18:1[omega]9t), trans-linoleic acid (C18: 2[omega]6t), palmitoleic (C16:1[omega]7), [alpha]-linolenic acid (C18:3[omega]3) and cis-12-octadecenoico (C18: 1[omega]6c).