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C1SCoated One Sided Paper
C1SCoated One Side (printing term)
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High-resolution XPS spectra of the C1s region of the CA membrane before and after crosslinking; (a) C1s peak before crosslinking (b) Cls peak after crosslinking.
To further study the changes induced by the plasma treatments, the C1s peak was decomposed into its different contributions.
Caption: Figure 4: XPS survey spectra (a) and high resolution of C1s photoelectron spectra of CNC (b) and CNC/2-EHA (c).
As shown in Figure 7, the C1s peak on chlorite surface was narrow and symmetric, with single chemical morphology caused by carbon pollution peak.
Caption: Figure 3: Full-range XPS spectra of MG-X and MC (a), C1s XPS spectra of MC (b), C1s XPS spectra of MG-3 (c), and Raman spectra of MG-X (d).
Using a functional ELISA assay testing the binding of C1s, we observed that the venom-generated C1-INH fragments had a reduced binding activity to C1s (Figure 4(c)), as compared to the nonvenom-treated purified component, indicating that it was inactivated by the venom.
(a) Survey spectrum, insert (showing peaks for N1s, C1s, and S2p), (b) high-resolution spectrum of Ti2p, (c) high-resolution spectrum of O1s, (d) high-resolution spectrum of N1s, and (e) high-resolution spectrum of S2p.
TNT009 is a first-in-class monoclonal antibody that selectively inhibits the Classical Complement pathway by targeting C1s, a serine protease within the C1-complex in the Complement pathway of the immune system.