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C21Century 21 Real Estate
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ft of retail space and is located in the heart of the city at the C21 Mall, Indore.
We performed three experiments using both models, each experiment having repeating seasonal cycles of sea ice conditions representative of a different time period--the late C20, the mid-C21, and the late C21 (as defined above).
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In the meanwhile, take a look at the technical specifications of C18, C21, C22, C24, C27, C30:
It is, unfortunately, the latter strand that tends to dominate with the inevitable set of school bullies, the public school personas of the two 'transported' children, the peripheral involvement of any adult figures (the parents of the C21 children just so happen to be magicians on a national tour) and the frenetic pace of the narrative--particularly as it builds towards the adolescent heroics that defeat the forces of evil in the rather overblown climax.
The entries were as follows: populations per se- C0, C1, C2, C3, C4, C5 for GG(A) as well as GG(B) and C0, C6, C12, C21 for GG(MP); $1 bulks of populations--same as above with exception of GG(MP) C6 and C12; population crosses C0 x C0, C1 x C1, C2 x C2, C3 x C3, C4 x C4, C5 x C5, C0 x C3, C0 x C5, C3 x C0, C5 x C0 for GG(A) x GG(B), and C0 x C21, C3 x C21, C5 x C21 for GG(A) x GG(MP) and GG(B) x GG(MP); $1 bulks of population crosses--same population crosses as above; random-mated population crosses-same population crosses as above.
Here's a dirty little secret that airport officials probably don't want you to know: If you arrive at certain gates in the C concourse (including C1, C2, C19, C21, C22, C23), keep an eye out for a shuttle that has just arrived and is offloading passengers.
The demonstrations, which were carried out at Siemens Medical's site in Germany and Nashuatec's site in the Netherlands, used Cognito's IP network and G21, the new GSM version of the company's C21 data terminal and included real-time messaging, e-mail, web browsing and a 'systems integration' with job despatch.
The C21 is one of a trio fighting for the title of best-looking British sports car.
The hot incentive comes from the C21 Partnership of Aberdeen at their 14- home Burndale Courts development at Bankhead.
Early and late stage innovators, investors and pharma partners come together at C21 BioVentures[TM] (C21).
With this move, CMA has cleared the acquisition of all of Recall's facilities and operations in the UK except for C21 Data Services Ltd, which operates in Aberdeen and Dundee areas of Scotland and must be divested.