C25Control for 25 Days (research test group)
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But Kim did not suspect that Mahbub Ali, known as one of the best horse-dealers in the Punjab, a wealthy and enterprising trader, whose caravans penetrated far and far into the Back of Beyond, was registered in one of the locked books of the Indian Survey Department as C25 IB.
Well done Kirklees Mayor Clr Margaret Fearnley is pictured with consort Barry Fearnley (left), surrounded by people who have received their certificates, along with Alan Laurie (back, left), of Kirklees Safer Communities Partnership, and Dave Barrell (back, centre) of C25 Solutions PEOPLE involved in training to make Kirklees a safer place to live all now meet a set standard.
Plain concrete C25 / 30 (B-30) W8, F150 + fiber (fiber-cement) - polypropylene fibers amount of 0.
C26, C27 and C35 relate to the tax laws; C25, C23, C24 and C3 relate to clients.
table S-3; see also Current Construction Reports, Series C25, New One-Family Homes Sold (U.
The PSLV- C25 vehicle has placed the Mars Orbiter spacecraft very precisely into an elliptical orbit around Earth.
Featuring a unique variety of cash and cashless solutions, the ARCA and CTS booth in Dusseldorf - Hall 10, C25 - will be an inspiration to retailers looking to improve their cash management, banks aiming to provide their commercial customers with value added services, and CIT companies striving to improve cash transfer procedures from stores to banks.
been committed to C Ian Jones, 30, of Missouri Road, Clubmoor, pleaded guilty to burglary and will be Missouri moor, pleaded guilty to burglary and will be sentenced at C25, of Stockbridge Village, pleaded not guilty to burglary and will have a trial by jury at Csentenced at Crown Court.
A few days earlier we had set off on our road trip from Vancouver where we collected our sleek "steed", a C25 motorhome, fully-equipped with mod cons including a fridge, a heater for cool nights and a microwave.
The feature works with C25 gas--75 percent argon, 25 percent C[O.
The value of this date must be no earlier than the greater of the dates entered in C25 and C26.