C2A1Synergetic Excellence (C2A1 Group, Costa Mesa, CA)
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Synthesis of 2-Cyano-3-(9,9-diphenyl-9H,9'H-[3,3']bicarbazolyl-6-yl)-acrylic Acid (C2A1).
The absorption maxima of the charge-transfer band in CH[Cl.sub.3] are at 392,417, and 442 nm for C1A1, C2A1, and C2S1A1, respectively.
Under the standard global AM 1.5 solar irradiation, the cells based on C2A1S1 and C2A1 dyes containing two carbazole units exhibited higher efficiency compared to those based on the C1A1 dye.
A maximum IPCE of 74% was realized at 480 nm for the C2S1A1 dye, while the C2A1 and C1A1 dyes exhibited a maximum IPCE of 69% and 63% at 440 nm, respectively.
There are commercial canister filters on the market that appear quite similar to the C2A1. Unfortunately they don't provide the same protection against chemical agents.
Protect yourself by using only the C2A1. Look for the NSN on the side of the canister.
If you find any C2s, they should be replaced with the C2A1 as soon as possible.
Only two types of filter canisters are currently authorized for military use with the M40 series masks--the aforementioned C2A1 (National Stock Number [NSN] 4240-01-361-1319) and the C2 (NSN 4240-01-119-2315).
Filter change-out guidelines for military applications--including guidelines for the C2A1 canister--are contained in Field Manual (FM) 3-11.4, Multiservice Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures for Nuclear, Biological, and Chemical (NBC) Protection.
Differences in military or occupational workplace chemical threats, protection requirements, and filter change-out criteria have created a conundrum regarding military C2A1 canisters versus commercial canisters.
* Remove the C2A1 filter canister from the packing can.
The C2A1 is used with the M40A1, M42A2, M45, M48, and MCU-2A/P masks.