C2BConsumer to Business (consumers naming their price for various products or services)
C2BCustomer to Business
C2BClient to Business
C2BCreativity to Business (Germany)
C2BCorporate-to-Bank (communications)
C2BClassroom to Boardroom
C2BConsulting to Business
C2BCommand and Control Battlelab
C2BCaterpillar to Butterfly
C2BCommerce to Business
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Meanwhile, in C2B transactions, overseas Pakistanis can directly pay utility bills, fee of the Higher Education Commission-accredited institutions, insurance premium and charges incurred at superstores and on credit cards.
Table 2 shows the distribution of cases were 9.9% (24 cases) of C1a, 20.2% (49 cases) of C1b, 60% (146) of C2a, 7% (17 cases) of C2b, 1.6% (4 cases) of C2c and 1.2% (3 cases) of C3: 3.
Under C2B, direct payments from overseas Pakistanis abroad can be received to pay for utility bills, education fees of institutions (accredited by the Higher Education Commission), superstores, insurance companies, credit card payments, etc.
For C2B transactions, direct payments from overseas Pakistanis abroad can be received to pay for utility bills, education fees of Higher Education Commission's accredited institutions, superstores, Insurance Companies, credit card payments etc.
However, we found that DYSF mutations in Chinese patients clustered in the N-terminal region of the gene, especially in and around the C2C and C2B domains.
C2B: SI 1 to cable needle and hold in back, k1, k1 from cable needle.
M2 EQUITYBITES-April 10, 2015-PatientBond Acquires Healthcare Consumer Profiling Specialist c2b Horizons
TELECOMWORLDWIRE-January 13, 2015-TextRequest introduces C2B text messaging
The differential between reported and constant currency revenue changes in C2B was primarily the result of devaluation of the Argentine peso.
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XRD analysis was then performed on samples C, C1b, C2b and C3b (Table 3).
Led by CEO Jay Jideliov and CFO Alex Kleyner, Callision makes consumer-to-business (C2B) connections easier by offering click to call widgets for business websites.