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C2CCorner to Corner (Crochet)
C2CCradle to Cradle (product design sustainability concept)
C2CChance to Change (various organizations)
C2CCoast to Coast (walk)
C2CChance to Choose (various organizations)
C2CConsumer-to-Consumer (commerce)
C2CCapacity to Change (various organizations)
C2CCar-to-Car (automotive technology)
C2CCheek to Cheek (Tony Bennett and Lady Gaga album)
C2CCenter to Center
C2CContract to Contract (employment)
C2CCar to Car
C2CClick to Call
C2CClient to Client
C2CCarrier to Carrier
C2CConsumer to Consumer
C2CCaveman to Cosmos (gaming)
C2CCam to Cam (webcam)
C2CConnect to Community
C2CCommunity to Community (Association; Bellingham, WA)
C2CColleague to Colleague (Kansas and Missouri; education)
C2CComputer to Computer
C2CCloud to Coast
C2CClassroom to Classroom (various locations)
C2CCarrier to Carrier Telecom (Netherlands)
C2CCoil to Can (aluminum can manufacturing)
C2CContainers to Clinics (Dover, MA)
C2CCorp to Corp
C2CChip-to-Chip (computer chip design)
C2CCash-To-Cash Cycle
C2CCrude to Customer (energy value chain)
C2CCity 2 City (Singtel)
C2CCare to Chat
C2CConcept to Customer
C2CCourage to Care
C2CCheck to Check (money transfer)
C2CCost to Company
C2CCommand and Control Constellation
C2CCollege to Corporate
C2CCadet 2nd Class
C2CCall to Consciousness (band)
C2CCouples 2 Couples
C2CCampus to Career (various schools)
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The summarized C2C performance of Company X's top suppliers and customers over the most recent four years is presented in Exhibits 6 and 7.
Despite the plaudits C2C still find it hard to believe the success and acclaim they have received from their peers.
Its three components -- P2P, F2F and C2C -- are inexorably intertwined, and trouble signs that appear in one area are often traceable to processes in another.
I am delighted to be given this opportunity to be associated with C2C and contribute to its growth and future development.
C2C will also seek to challenge Pennsylvania-based Aspeon Software Inc in the US market.
A component that was reverse-engineered by C2C is shown in Figure 5.
We are pleased that respected third parties like Insights Success magazine and others have validated what is widely recognized as C2C SmartCompliance's prescient vision," added Crutchley, who brings more than 25 years of consulting and auditing experience to the firm's growing client portfolio.
The offering will help C2C Industrial Properties in its strategy of becoming a leading consolidator of industrial properties in Canada and would also improve the trading liquidity of its stock.
For full details on The C2C Challenge, please visit www.
On an overcast, warm morning, we stuck to the tradition of the C2C by dipping our wheels in the chilly waters of the Irish Sea.
Cardiff council should also be commended for encouraging two members of staff who work for the Information Centre C2C for communicating on a basic level in British Sign Language.
C2C Pte Ltd, a subsidiary of Singapore Telecommunications Ltd, has awarded a contract to Japan's Fujitsu Ltd for the supply of the backhaul portion of its ultra long haul, high-capacity submarine cable network that will connect major cities in the Asia region.