C2C3CECOM Center for C3 Systems
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Reparticion de los precios obtenidos por Grupo Sociocconomkn (GSE) Precio {$) GSE Total ABC1 C2C3 DE 374 1 10 12 23 i.
The HPLC method did not allow for baseline separation between disialo- and disialotransferrin in serum containing a rare genetic transferrin variant, tentatively identified as C2C3 (3, 32).
Dubbed C2C3, day one of the challenge on August 12 will see him cycle 100 miles to Brampton and then swim one mile in open water across Derwent Water.
On the basis of the transferrin isoform pattern obtained by IEF, this type was tentatively identified as transferrin C2C3 (Fig.
All three immunoassays also yielded high CDT values with transferrin C2C3 serum.
Nonetheless, the present results indicate that one transferrin C subtype, tentatively identified as transferrin C2C3, which was found in <1% of the examined population, could interfere with the measurement of CDT by causing high test results with the immunoassays.