C2DCore 2 Duo (Intel processor)
C2DContrat de Désendettement et de Développement (French: Contract of Debt Reduction and Development)
C2DClick to Download
C2DCrash to Desktop (software malfunction)
C2DClick to Dvd
C2DCharacter to Decimal
C2DConcept to Design (various organizations)
C2DCommitted to Diversity (task force; Oregon State University)
C2DCommand and Control Directorate (US Army CECOM)
C2DClose 2 Death (gaming community)
C2DConnect to Decode (tuberculosis genome mapping project)
C2DClose 2 Death Recordings (UK Record Label)
C2DContract-to-Direct (job classification)
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'This was the land where people from diverse cultures and religions lived together for decades,' said C2D Director Izza Khan.
Executive Director, Centre for Culture and Development (C2D), Dr Nadeem Omar said there was no contradiction on the importance of sustainable development of tourism industry as major source of foreign exchange, a tool of job creation and poverty alleviation.
The function c2d is used to have the discrete-time counterpart with the following data matrices:
C2D invoked an alleged rule-Commissioner Luie Guia in C1D disagrees there is such a rule-in the 2002 Coquilla Supreme Court decision that a former Filipino cannot be resident until he reacquires citizenship or holds an alien certificate of registration.
Davies et al., "AMI-LA radio continuum observations of Spitzer c2d small clouds and cores: Perseus region," Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society, vol.415, pp.893-910, 2011.
A zona umida a subumida possui um a dois meses de seca e enquadra-se em quatro tipos climaticos: C2d A', C2d' A', C2d B' e C2w A' (SEI, 2007).
Centre for Research On Direct Democracy, Direct Democracy Database C2D <http://www.c2d.ch/votes.php?table=votes>.
Army Research, Development and Engineering Command Communications-Electronics Research, Development and Engineering Center (CERDEC) Command & Control Directorate (C2D), which oversees the COMET project.