C2DCore 2 Duo (Intel Corp processor)
C2DClick to Download
C2DCrash to Desktop (software malfunction)
C2DCharacter to Decimal
C2DClick to Dvd
C2DConcept to Design (various organizations)
C2DCommitted to Diversity (task force; Oregon State University)
C2DCommand and Control Directorate (US Army CECOM)
C2DClose 2 Death (gaming community)
C2DConnect to Decode (tuberculosis genome mapping project)
C2DClose 2 Death Recordings (UK Record Label)
C2DContract-to-Direct (job classification)
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This option year provides Ricardo Control Point and the C2D Joint Venture the opportunity to continue the design refresh work initiated during the base period and provides the maintenance and support needed for this important Integrated Logistics Support Center (ILSC) product.
C2D invoked an alleged rule-Commissioner Luie Guia in C1D disagrees there is such a rule-in the 2002 Coquilla Supreme Court decision that a former Filipino cannot be resident until he reacquires citizenship or holds an alien certificate of registration.
Source: Centre for Research On Direct Democracy, Direct Democracy Database C2D <http://www.
If that doesn't tell you how relevant and important this technology is, then I don't know what does," said Ron Szymanski, the C2D chief architect for software and technology.
SOC code 4-digit Employment status 1 Employee 2 Foreman/supervisor 3 Self-employed with employees 4 Self-employed without employees Size of establishment 1 0-24 employees 2 25+ employees Approximated Social Grade 1 A 2 B 3 C1 4 C2 5 D 6 AB 7 ABC1 8 BC1 9 C1C2 10 C1C2D 11 C2D 12 BC1C2 13 No combination 14 Insufficient info
SureFire's C2D Digital Centurion features a new digitally controlled microprocessor that regulates the batteries' power flow, preventing instant shutoff of light.
La SORID et deux autres actionnaires, la compagnie aerienne TAT et la societe autrichienne Isovolta, prennent des participations minoritaires dans cette societe qui possede deux unites locales de production : la premiere est implantee sur l'aeroport Rodez-Marcillac et la seconde, plus particulierement chargee de l'assemblage des elements d'avions fabriques par C2D, vient conforter les nouvelles activites du pole decazevillois.
Her ungraspable past would become her baby twin's unfulfillable future, a future always C2D, or, when she got there, simply dead.
Specifications - Model D1005 < < Processor < Intel C2D E5200, 2.
The CERDEC S&TCD (Space and Terrestrial Directorate)/SED (System Engineering Directorate)/ C2D (Command and Control Directorate), SEC, and PM TRCS had been teamed before JNN's pre-birth stage starting with the Brigade Subscriber Nodes, Warfighter Information Network Proof of Concept demonstrating that commercial off-the-shelf technology could withstand the rigors of today's battlefield environment.
Army Research Development Engineering Command Director: Ellen Elgart, Acquisition Support Center-NE Director: Danielle Mackenzie, RDECOM CERDEC C2D Director: Beth Sparandera, CECOM LRC