C2D2Cleanup Criteria/Decision Document
C2D2Canadian Community on Dialogue and Deliberation
C2D2Command and Control Development Division (USAF)
C2D2Command & Control Domain-Directed
C2D2Cruiser Conversion Definition Document (US Navy)
C2D2Climate Change Data and Detection
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Parents see packaged food as a status symbol; children also like the labelling--like the Disney characters (C2D2).
Based at Colorado State University, C2D2 is a resource to faculty at Colorado research universities, bringing biology and chemistry faculty together to use chemical libraries, computational resources, bioinformatics, cheminformatics, database support, virtual high throughput screening, and Computer Aided Drug Design to pharmacologically validate drug candidates with patent-protected chemical matter and innovative therapeutics for unmet medical needs.
The result is a new syntax and rhetoric packaged in compound complex digital documents (C2D2).
56 30 33 49 11 19 Other 58 34 22 43 20 21 ABC1 47 35 34 41 15 22 C2D2 51 35 27 41 21 22 Fl 39 24 28 51 33 22 F2 46 20 33 42 21 34 Male 49 38 29 38 21 22 Female 48 28 30 46 21 23 (Source: Irish Times/MRBI Polls)
B3/C2, B3/C3 Cl/Dl, C1/D2, C1/D3 C2/D1, C2/D2, C2/D3 C3/D1, C3/D2, C3/D3 Dl/El, D1/E2, D1/E3 D2/E1, D2/E2, D2/E3 D3/E1, D3/E2, D3/E3 Discriminations E1/E2, E1/E3, E2/E3 3 of comparisons 51 Table 4 An overview of the phases in the simultaneous protocol, listing the conditional discriminations presented during baseline training and derived relations testing for LS Experimental phases Trial types Acquisition of baseline A1B1, A2B2, A3B3, B1C1, B2C2, B3C3 C1D1, relations All trial types C2D2, C3D3, D1E1, D2E2, D3E3 presented randomly Maintenance: thinning of programmed consequences A1B1, A2B2, A3B3, B1C1, B2C2, B3C3 C1D1, C2D2, C3D3, D1E1, D2E2, D3E3 A1B1, A2B2, A3B3, B1C1, B2C2, B3C3 C1D1.
In addition to association business, attendees at the CBSA's Annual All-Member Meeting also enjoyed industry networking and presentations about the Colorado Institute for Drug, Device and Diagnostic Development (CID4) by Rick Duke and Kevin Smith, and the Colorado Center for Drug Discovery (C2D2) by Terry Opgenorth.
Opinion Divorce in 1991 (%) Remove Ban Keep Ban No Opinion Fianna Fail 56 39 5 Fine Gael 63 32 4 Labour 76 20 4 Progressive Democrats 82 16 2 Workers Party 79 21 0 Others 81 11 8 ABC1 81 24 7 C2D2 69 28 3 F1 45 52 3 F2 41 49 10 Male 64 31 6 Female 62 31 4 Total 64 31 5 Source: Irish Times/MRBI Poll, April 1991.
That training was compared to performance on other conditional relations (e.g., C1D1 and C2D2) and their antisymmetry versions (e.g., D1C2 and D2C1).
Phases Consequences #of Trials Acquisition of A1 B1, A2B2, A3B3,B1C1 100 36 baseline relations ,B2C2, B3C3 All trial types CID1,C2D2, C3D3, presented D1E1.D2E2, D3E3 randomly Maintenance: A1B1, A2B2.A3B3.B1 C1, 75 36 Thinning of B2C2, B3C3 programmed C1D1, C2D2, consequences C3D3,D1E1,D2E2, D3E3 A1B1.
These relations range from simple physical discriminations, such as size (e.g., A is larger than B, B is smaller than A), to more complex ones, such as analogy (e.g., A1B1 is to C1D1 as A2B2 is to C2D2).