C2HContract to Hire (contract employment option)
C2HSecond Conserved Cysteine to Histidine
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Thus, a singlet due to the C2H and C3H, and C1H and C4H for 1 and 3, respectively, is observed in their spectra.
These products were distinguished by observing the changes in the chemical shifts of two imidazole C2H and C5H protons with respect to those of free Ac- L-His-Gly dipeptide ([[delta].sub.C2H] = 8.61 and [[delta].sub.C5H] = 7.33 ppm).
Optimized malealdehyde, fumaraldehyde and transition state geometries have C2v, C2h and C1 point group respectively.
The optimized structure of malealdehyde (cis) and fumaraldehyde (trans) has C2V and C2h point group respectively in the gas and different solution phases.
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the Federal Communications Commission's Connect2Health Task Force (C2H) will unveil a new mapping tool in support of its efforts to further chart the broadband future of healthcare.
C2H has been exploring and analyzing the intersection of broadband, advanced technology, and health.